Kate Hudson: ‘We Need to Rally for Each Other’ in Order to Encourage Others to Lead Healthier Lives

Kate Hudson
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“I think everybody in the fitness, nutrition, health and wellness community, we have a real shared passion,” the actress candidly states.

Kate Hudson is aware of the value of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The 44-year-old actress discussed her new relationship with the fitness and health tracker MyFitnessPal with the sources. She also discussed how essential it is to encourage others to live their best life by taking care of their bodies and eating healthily.

Hudson acknowledges the amount of turmoil that is currently a part of people’s daily lives and says, “I think people are realizing, when the world is on fire, we need to rally for each other, support each other, love each other and try to change how we do things and just connect.”

“And honestly,” she continues, “it starts in the home, and it starts with individual choices.”
For Hudson, raising doubts about her objectives helps her on the path to achieving them, and she encourages others to follow suit.

“What gives you a good feeling? She asks, “How do we get there?” “Why are we in a place right now where people are feeling so much anxiety and sadness, and how do we get people to get excited about making small steps for big wins?”

Hudson argues that the common aim shared by like-minded people who prioritize healthy food, physical fitness, and mental well-being is what they all share.

“I think everybody in the fitness, nutrition, health and wellness community, we have a real shared passion,” she says. “And once you establish that support, you both live it and hold one another responsible.

You develop those relationships in your life, but many others lack that kind of support.”

Hudson and her trainer, Brian Nguyen, are collaborating with MyFitnessPal to promote the app’s new seven-day “Small Steps, Big Wins Plan,” which provides guidance on how to make small health changes that will add up to big results. This partnership will help others find that support now.

“In my opinion, technology has turned into a wonderful gift. Thanks to businesses like MyFitnessPal, you can get knowledge, support, and a sense of community without having to make an excuse. That’s where it is,” adds Hudson.

“When you have that support system, it’s going to make your day better, which inevitably makes your life better,” she goes on to say. “My quote for the month has been, ‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, a bird sings because it has a song,’ and I believe that my fellow Birdie and I here have a song.”

Fitness enthusiast who has coached other celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Patrick Schwarzenegger wonders, “With MyFitnessPal and the Small Steps, Big Wins Plan, what better way is there to create a community of birds?” “Birds that want to sing the same song and want to help their fellow person.”

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