Cornwall Encourages Smoke-Free Lives As It Marks 40 Years of No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day
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Today is No Smoking Day, an annual campaign to encourage smokers to give up their habit permanently in its 40th year. The importance of support for smokers wishing to stop is emphasized by Cornwall Council, which reports that smokers are three times more likely to succeed in their quit attempts when they receive the correct assistance.

Cornwall Council is advertising the text support service offered by Healthy Cornwall to help its inhabitants continue their journey towards a healthy lifestyle and to mark this milestone. This program is easy to use and free of cost, giving people a convenient means of getting the support and information they require. Cornwall residents can have instant access to a plethora of useful tools, information, motivation, and suggestions by texting the word “SMOKEFREE” to 82228.

This initiative, which aims to lower the number of smokers in the community and the health risks they pose, is a part of Cornwall’s continued commitment to public health and wellness. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and individualized support, Cornwall Council aspires to motivate more people to take the big decision to stop smoking, improving their own lives and the general health of the community.

Residents who would like to take advantage of this support can visit the Smokefree Cornwall page by clicking the provided link to gain further information and assistance in quitting smoking.

No Smoking Day is celebrated on second Wednesday of March to spread awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and encourage maximum people to give up the habit of smoking. Several governments and NGOs plan campaigns and activities to bring about the change in people.

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