UroToday and IBCG Partnered to Improve Patient Outreach


IBCG (International Bladder Cancer Group) announced its official partnership with UroToday, a preeminent worldwide source for urology news and education, to work together to enhance patient outreach and education regarding bladder cancer. By combining the strengths of both organisations, this partnership will give patients access to the most up-to-date knowledge and resources regarding bladder cancer.

An internationally renowned organisation, the IBCG is committed to enhancing the care of patients with bladder cancer by using data that is already available to inform evidence-based treatment decisions and critical assessment. With a global audience of over 500,000 urologists and medical professionals, UroToday is a preeminent source of urology news and education.

Working together on multiple projects in the past, our two organisations have decades of experience together. Peer-reviewed articles and instructional materials have been published as part of these projects.

The official partnership will build on these current initiatives and concentrate on the following important areas:

  • Creating and distributing patient education materials regarding bladder cancer
  • Raising patient knowledge about other research opportunities and clinical trials
  • Promoting patient interests on a national and worldwide scale

“We are thrilled to formally announce our partnership with UroToday,” IBCG President Dr. Ashish M. Kamat, MD, MBBS, says. “This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience of patients and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their care.”

“We have had the pleasure of covering the work of the IBCG for a long time,” says UroToday CEO Gina Carithers. “We share the IBCG’s commitment to improving the care of patients with bladder cancer, and we believe that this partnership has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of patients.”

Our collaboration with the IBCG represents a major advancement in the fight against bladder cancer. We hope that by collaborating, our two organisations can contribute to bettering the treatment and results for bladder cancer patients.

An internationally renowned group committed to enhancing bladder cancer patient care is the IBCG. The International Breast Cancer Group (IBCG) was established in 2006 with the primary goal of addressing global educational needs and learning gaps to enhance the management and care of patients with urothelial carcinoma. Clinicians all across the world utilise the IBCG’s guidelines and best practise recommendations, and it has produced multiple peer-reviewed articles that have been published in high-impact journals.

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