Piper Sandler Reveals 2024’s Top Biotech Stock Selections

Piper Sandler
Image used for information purpose only. Picture Credit: https://realmoney.thestreet.com

Piper Sandler, a prominent player in investment banking, has revealed its top three biotech stock picks for the upcoming year. The spotlight is on one particular stock, expected to witness a remarkable 90% upside. This bullish stance from Piper Sandler, known for its market expertise, paints an optimistic picture of the biotech sector’s growth potential in 2024.

The endorsement of these stocks by Piper Sandler reflects a strong confidence in the biotech sector’s future, indicating potential financial gains for investors. This positive outlook is rooted in anticipated advancements in medical research and drug discovery, potentially leading to groundbreaking treatments.

The selection of these stocks likely involved meticulous research and analysis of the biotech industry, considering factors such as product pipelines, regulatory approvals, market demand, and scientific breakthroughs. However, the specific names of the biotech companies, including the one with a projected 90% upside, have not been disclosed.

Among the companies showing promise in the biotech sector is Gilead. Despite a 6% drop in its stock this year, Gilead has outperformed Street forecasts on revenue, particularly due to its HIV franchise. The company’s CAR T cell therapy, Yescarta, has demonstrated potential, and Gilead holds a positive outlook for its product pipeline, especially in oncology and HIV. However, some analysts have expressed concerns about Gilead’s performance, questioning the reliance on Veklury for exceeding revenue forecasts and the impact of a one-time tax benefit on the bottom line.

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