NKF Singapore to Start 200 Additional Slots for Overnight Services


The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in Singapore, boasting 41 dialysis centers, stands as the largest provider of dialysis services in the country, tending to approximately 5,500 out of the approximately 9,000 individuals undergoing dialysis. Recognizing the pressing need to accommodate the evolving requirements of its patients, as well as to address the escalating demand resulting from a swiftly aging population, NKF has unveiled plans to expand its overnight dialysis capacity. By 2027, the organization aims to increase its capacity from 36 slots in two centers to 250 slots across five centers.

This initiative was revealed during NKF’s 55th anniversary celebration, held at its headquarters in Kim Keat Road on April 25. Despite its extensive efforts, the battle against kidney failure persists, with an alarming statistic indicating that six new patients are diagnosed with kidney failure in Singapore each day. While NKF continues to play a pivotal role in providing vital dialysis services, other patients are predominantly treated at private dialysis centers.

The total number of kidney failure patients is rising: 10 years ago it was 5,500, today it is 8,800,” said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung at the event.

Diabetes and hypertension, recognized as primary contributors to kidney failure, serve as precursors to this condition, he emphasized. To provide additional support for kidney failure patients, the Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to extend the enrollment of a national program for peritoneal dialysis, a form of dialysis that can be self-administered at home. Presently, approximately 300 patients are enrolled in this program.

As both demand and costs escalate, MOH intends to enhance financial assistance for kidney dialysis. Currently, dialysis treatment at NKF costs approximately $30,000 annually. In 2023, the majority of NKF patients paid no more than $50 per month, with four in ten patients bearing no financial burden.

Mr. Ong noted that MOH is reassessing MediSave limits for medical interventions such as dialysis and collaborating with the MediShield Life Council to review and elevate MediShield Life claim limits for dialysis treatments.

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