Dengue Cases Surged Rapidly in Sibu Division by 134% in First Half of 2024


Dengue cases in Sarawak’s Sibu Division surged by 134.5 percent between January and June this year, compared to the same period previous year. According to the Sibu Divisional Health Office, the increase in cases in the division is the result of a statewide surge in dengue cases.

“From January 1 to June 30 of this year, Sibu Division documented 68 dengue cases. According to the Health Office, Sibu had 50 cases, followed by Selangau with 12 cases and Kanowit with six instances. “Overall, the cumulative dengue cases (January 1 to June 30) in the division increased by 134.5 per cent to 68 cases from 29 cases during the same period last year.”

According to the Health Office, the majority of instances this year have been sporadic.
However, two small dengue outbreaks were recently reported in Sibu District, on Jalan Lanang and Batu 19, Jalan Oya. It stated Jalan Lanang had five incidents over the preceding two weeks, while Batu 19, Jalan Oya had two.

“Jalan Lanang, Batu 19, and Jalan Oya accounted for seven of the 50 cases in the district,” said the Health office, adding that the outbreaks were under control. In addition, no dengue-related deaths have been reported in the division this year.

According to the Health Office, vertical banners have been placed in affected areas to raise public awareness about the importance of taking actions to prevent the spread of dengue fever. It also encouraged the people to spend 10 minutes per week searching for and destroying breeding places near their houses, as well as seeking medical attention as soon as possible if they become ill.

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