David Rainis: Pioneering the Future of Preventive Healthcare

David Rainis | Founder and CEO | Jubaan Ltd
David Rainis | Founder and CEO | Jubaan Ltd

You should not act according to your age, but to your personality. To chart an appropriate course of action, healthcare practitioners often follow this quote. Healthcare leaders hold the promise of facilitating interventions and saving lives. At the intersection of technology and healthcare, David Rainis is spearheading the new era in healthcare.

As a visionary leader David aims the early detection of gastrointestinal disorders, particularly colorectal cancer. His dedication to revolutionizing preventive healthcare is evident through his team’s creation of the Gixam™ device, which utilizes advanced spectral imaging algorithms to analyze the microbiome present on the tongue for early signs of adenomas.

Today David emerges as a driven entrepreneur committed to leveraging technology to revolutionize cancer prevention strategies and save lives. His passion for advancing healthcare and his collaborative spirit underscore his leadership in spearheading innovations at the intersection of technology and medicine.

Join us as we explore David Rainis’s transformative journey at the forefront of preventive healthcare. Let us discover how his pioneering technologies are revolutionizing colorectal cancer screening and shaping the future of gastrointestinal health!

Driving Innovation in Technology and Business

David Rainis’s extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and technology expert is evident from his diverse roles and achievements in various ventures. As the Founder and CEO of Jubaan, he leads the development of innovative solutions for early detection of gastrointestinal disorders using AI and spectral imaging algorithms. Prior to Jubaan, David co-founded mediTective, where he played a pivotal role in empowering medical imaging with artificial intelligence, contributing to advancements in deep learning and medical diagnostics.

Before his involvement with mediTective, David founded and owned Orpheus Medical LTD, where he focused on medical imaging AI and deep learning modules and the production of MedicVOD, a technology for delivering, archiving, and broadcasting medical procedure videos. Additionally, David founded Kimera, a cryptocurrency platform offering services such as mining, wallets, and trading.

Throughout his career, David has demonstrated expertise in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, blockchain technology, video processing, DSP, and image processing. His contributions extend beyond entrepreneurship, as he has also held roles as a software team leader at Elbit Defense Systems and managed a subsidiary company of Elbit in Singapore.

With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), David Rainis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his leadership roles, driving innovation and transformative change in the hi-tech markets on an international scale.

Revolutionizing Colorectal Cancer Screening

The innovative Gixam™ device developed by Jubaan utilizes advanced image analysis and optic strength to detect early signs of disease within the color spectra invisible to the human eye. Placed conveniently in a physician’s office, this compact and non-invasive tool swiftly scans the tongue, providing accurate results in less than 20 seconds. These results play a crucial role in determining the appropriate medical path for patients, facilitating timely referrals for further treatment if necessary.

Described as fast, accurate, and cost-effective, Gixam™ represents a significant advancement in healthcare technology. Its compact size and user-friendly design allow for seamless integration into general practitioners’ offices, enhancing accessibility for patients. By detecting colorectal adenomas in their pre-cancerous stage, Gixam™ has the potential to revolutionize cancer prevention efforts, significantly reducing the incidence of colorectal cancer.

With an impressive specificity rate ranging 78% and a sensitivity rate of 90%, Gixam™ outperforms traditional screening methods like the FIT test. Its ability to identify risky polyps years before they become cancerous enables proactive interventions, ensuring better patient outcomes. By improving the selection of patients for colonoscopy procedures, Gixam™ minimizes the need for aggressive and urgent treatments that may arise from late-stage detection.

Revolutionizing Gastrointestinal Health

Over the past four years, Jubaan has implemented camera systems in three prominent medical centers across Israel: Assuta Holon, Bnai Zion Haifa, and the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth. Through these installations, Jubaan has amassed a vast dataset by meticulously mapping the tongues of over 15,000 patients. This extensive data collection effort has enabled Jubaan to analyze the microbiome patterns associated with 21 different gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Looking ahead, Jubaan is poised to expand the capabilities of its groundbreaking Gixam™ device, aiming to establish it as a comprehensive solution for diagnosing a wide range of GI disorders. Daniela Bleistein, Clinical Trials and Regulatory affairs of Jubaan, emphasizes the company’s vision for the future, stating, “We plan on making the Gixam™ a one-stop-shop for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders.” This ambitious roadmap includes plans to enhance the device’s functionality to diagnose conditions such as Helicobacter pylori infection, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and Barrett’s Esophagus.

Bleistein underscores the importance of this initiative, noting that existing screening procedures for these disorders are often cumbersome and inefficient. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative approaches, Jubaan seeks to address these shortcomings, offering healthcare providers and patients alike a more user-friendly and effective means of diagnosis. As Jubaan continues to push the boundaries of medical innovation, its efforts hold the promise of revolutionizing the field of gastroenterology and improving patient outcomes worldwide.

Innovative Approach to Colon Cancer Screening

Jubaan is committed to incentivizing physicians to actively participate in the screening process, aiming to shift the current reimbursement paradigm that predominantly favors laboratories. By providing economic incentives to physicians, Jubaan seeks to empower them to encourage patients to undergo potentially life-saving screening tests during routine office visits. This approach ensures that physicians are directly involved in the screening process, from administering the test to delivering results and prescribing appropriate treatment pathways. By maintaining a hands-on approach, physicians can oversee the treatment, supervision, and follow-up of their patients’ health, thus ensuring comprehensive care and timely interventions.

The expertise and guidance of distinguished medical professionals, including Dr. Dan E. Freedberg from Columbia University, Prof. Haim Shirin, Head of the Gastroenterology and Liver Disease Institute at Shamir Medical Center, and Dr. Safwat Odeh, a senior Gastroenterologist at Bnai Zion Medical Center, have been instrumental in shaping Jubaan’s vision and development journey. These experts recognize the transformative potential of Jubaan’s Gixam™ technology in revolutionizing the early screening of colorectal cancer and significantly enhancing compliance rates for screening exams. Their unwavering support underscores the confidence in Jubaan’s innovative approach to combating colon cancer.

Currently, Jubaan’s product is undergoing rigorous clinical trials at renowned medical centers such as NYU Langone Medical Center and The Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University. With the aim of achieving FDA breakthrough device designation by the end of 2024, Jubaan remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the fight against colon cancer and improving patient outcomes on a global scale.