AstraZeneca Announced Plans to Allocate $300 million For Establishment of a US Facility for Cell Therapies


On Tuesday, AstraZeneca revealed its intention to invest $300 million in a facility located in Rockville, Maryland, for the discovery and development of cell therapies. The establishment of this site is expected to create over 150 jobs in the United States. Initially, the focus will be on manufacturing cell therapies to facilitate clinical trials. However, the company noted that the facility may broaden its scope to support research in other disease areas.

The Rockville facility represents AstraZeneca’s continued commitment to cell therapies, following its acquisition of Neogene Therapeutics and various partnerships with cell therapy developers. AstraZeneca is currently progressing with early-stage trials of multiple cell therapies targeting various types of cancer, such as liver and prostate cancer.

AstraZeneca is a leading global pharmaceutical company driven by science and dedicated to enhancing healthcare outcomes worldwide. By harnessing the potential of scientific advancements, AstraZeneca aims to revolutionize healthcare for the betterment of individuals, communities, and the environment. The company is committed to developing innovative medicines and ensuring broad access to them, thereby maximizing their impact on patients, healthcare systems, and societies across the globe.

With a strategic focus on growth through innovation, AstraZeneca operates under three key priorities. Organized to advance this strategy, its business units are committed to pushing the boundaries of science to develop transformative medicines. AstraZeneca’s Research and Development (R&D) and Commercial functions drive rapid decision-making and the introduction of new therapies across various therapeutic areas. Spearheading advancements in oncology, the company aims to redefine cancer treatment, pursuing scientific discoveries to develop groundbreaking therapies that revolutionize patient outcomes and elevate the potential for long-term remission.

AstraZeneca is revolutionizing care for billions grappling with chronic ailments, aiming for sustained immunity. With a commitment to intervening sooner to safeguard vital organs, impede or reverse disease advancement, and attain remission for these frequently degenerative, incapacitating, and life-endangering disorders, the company strives to enhance the quality of life for countless individuals. Additionally, AstraZeneca endeavors to overhaul the lives of those impacted by rare diseases by creating and providing innovative medications alongside supportive technologies and healthcare solutions.

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