A Recent Survey Indicates a Growing Resistance to Childhood Vaccinations

Childhood Vaccination

According to a recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute, parental opposition to childhood vaccination is on the rise in Canada, fueled by concerns about the perceived harms of the anti-vaccination movement. The survey reveals that while the majority of Canadians still believe in the importance of vaccinating children against various childhood diseases, there is a growing segment of parents expressing skepticism about the efficacy of vaccines, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the survey shows that one-in-six parents of minors (17 percent) now express strong opposition to vaccinating their children, marking a significant increase from 2019.

The survey also reveals a simultaneous decline of 15 points (from 70 percent in 2019 to 55 percent in 2024) in the proportion of Canadians supporting mandatory childhood vaccination in schools, a policy enforced in Ontario and New Brunswick. Correspondingly, opposition to this policy has increased from 24 percent to nearly two-in-five (38 percent).

Moreover, over half (52 percent) of respondents with children under 18 believe that the decision to vaccinate should rest with the parents. This percentage drops to 32 percent among those without children under 18.

In 2024, opinions on vaccinations vary widely across the country, ranging from strong confidence in their effectiveness to adamant opposition against their use altogether.

Interestingly, there has been little change in the percentage of Canadians who view opposition to childhood vaccination as irresponsible. Between 2015, 2019, and 2024, approximately 72 percent to 75 percent of respondents have maintained this perspective, according to the survey.

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