A Proactive Nurse Samantha, Displays an Amazing Transformation in her Weight

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A nurse from Melbourne has lost an amazing 45 kg and looks completely different.

Since food plays a significant role in celebrating her culture and uniting her family, it has always brought Samantha Abreu pleasant feelings of joy and connection.

The 25-year-old claimed to news.com.au that this frequently caused her to “comfort eat” in stressful or depressing situations in an attempt to relive those happy feelings.

She has, however, been overweight for the majority of her life as a result of using food in this way, with her highest weight of 110 kg being reached in March 2020.

Although Samantha has always been confident in her appearance, she claims that her size 22 body left her feeling incredibly exhausted, depleted, and lethargic, which made it hard for her to endure her lengthy hospital nursing shifts.

Samantha, however, feels better, happier, and more confident than ever in her brand-new 65kg, size 8–10 physique after dropping an amazing 45 kg and six dress sizes.

Even as a young child, I’ve always been on the heavier side, she admitted.

“Eating is very important in my culture. When my Portuguese family and I got together for large gatherings, we would always eat.Since it played a significant role in my upbringing, I believe that I subconsciously connected food to those pleasant experiences and feelings. “I was also never really sporty as a kid, I was never into exercise or eating healthy, and I found it to be a huge comfort,” the author said. It seemed laborious at times.I never hated my body, but I did occasionally feel uneasy about it. I was always the bigger person, so I never wanted to go swimming or shopping with my friends for clothes.

“I wouldn’t look in the mirror, and I would be offended if someone snapped a picture of me. I wanted to avoid having to face my reflection.My life was not without its share of darkness and sorrow. I did not perceive a promising future and discovered that I was only existing, not truly living.

She chose to begin taking daily walks in order to support her mental health after her hometown was placed under lockdown, and she soon discovered that exercise was her new passion.

She remained dedicated to getting some kind of exercise in every day for the next year, and at some point she began tracking her caloric intake.

Samantha claimed to have followed the 80/20 rule, which called for consuming calorie-controlled, high-nutrient meals the majority of the time.

She gives herself permission to overindulge in any food she desires for the remaining 20% of the time without keeping track of her calories.

“Once lockdown hit, I fell in love with nature and being outside; it became my daily routine,” Samantha remarked.

“This was a huge mental and physical assistance to me. I made a daily commitment to moving my body in that way.

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